I Didn't Win...

...Or did I?

For class, we were required to write at least one Haiku (in Japanese of course). I sat down and wrote a few for fun and then found out later that there was actually going to be a school wide competition (two groupings. Upper and lower level students to make it fair) and they were actually giving out prizes! 5000yen ($50ish) went to the winner and I was all about that!

First, one haiku from each student was submitted in class and we all got to vote on which one we liked best. Mine tied with another classmate. We both went on to the second round where the entire school got to vote.

Unfortunately, I didn't "win"
(Mine is the far left that says ニーナ at the bottom [that's Niina in Japanese])

Even though I didn't win, I still made it to the final round so I got a cool Yamasa School cup!!!

Kinda almost better than the 5000yen I think (^^)v

BTW, my haiku was:


The scent of flowers
A break in the clouds during the rainy season
Springs rainbow

It sounds kinda dumb in English and I can't pretend it sounds awesome in Japanese either. But I'm still learning ;)


In other news, yesterday was White Day!

White day is the cousin to Valentines day. Here in Japan, on Vday, girls give chocolate to their friends and lovers and one month later the boys will respond by giving women "white" chocolate. (no one pretends that there's any history to these holidays. They're just for the purpose of buying and selling chocolate...I kinda like that ;) )

I was given Tim Tams!!! The overly chocolatey Australian cookies.

Usually I don't like Tim Tams because they're SO rich. But my friend convinced me to try the Tim Tam Slam.

Tim Tams are two chocolate cookies sandwiched on either side of chocolate frosting and then the whole thing is dipped in more chocolate. (and these ones were the Double Coat type!)

For a Tim Tam Slam, you basically bite off both ends of the Tim Tam, dip it in coffee like a straw and suck. The hot coffee melts the chocolate making it all gooey and then you shove the whole thing in your mouth. You end up biting into an explosion of warm chocolate.

And it was sooooo good.

Happy White Day!!!

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