Temaki Zushi

Aka, make it yourself-by hand-sushi. Actually a really awesome idea when making sushi at home and you're not so 上手 (jyo-zu[talented]) with rolling everything together. Besides, this way is much more fun!!!

Slicing up the fish. Not as easy as it looks. And that knife is quite sharp too!

Our final spread. The sushi was arranged on the plate kinda weird but it tasted good and that's what we all agreed was the most important part!

Here's a video of our teacher explaining to us how to make the final product. She starts by grabbing a square of Nori (dried seaweed) and puts a shiso leaf on it (Japanese cilantro, I hate the stuff). She then grabs some wasabi and puts a HUGE glob on the shiso. It doesn't look like it but that wasabi was REALLY strong! I was tearing up and I used half of what she did!

After that adds some fish then realizes she forgot to add rice. Rice is the first thing to go on!!!!

She's so 適当(tekito- [haphazard])

Here's the final product. It came out looking really good! Which is funny because the tuna I have here is the stuff I cut myself. I cut it so poorly that it ended up falling apart into little sections. Still yummy!


Mary Helen said...

Looks great! Let's do it!

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